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About Us

Sports Candy aspires to be the world's leading sports licensing business, by creating product which is fully immersed in the licensors brand and by only producing products which are directly related to the sport with which those brands are associated.

Based in the UK, the company has been many of the world’s leading football clubs such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Barcelona to distribute high quality licensed confectionery in all categories, ranging through Chocolate to Marshmallow and from Hard Candy to Bubblegum.

The product range has been prepared with the same passion and commitment that these premier teams deserve. Each of the products is individually developed to maximize its position on the confectionery pitch, with each product reflecting a unique aspect to the game of football.

This website represents a small example of the exciting range of products currently available. Football is the major sport across the world which evokes passion and support for each individual team.

Through this unique and innovative licensed confectionery offering, supporters of the ‘glorious game’ can now taste their teams success.

Enjoy the product – Enjoy the game – ENJOY THE TASTE!